Power of Communication

The New Way to Innovate

We want to revolutionize the Way how ideas are gathered, valued and transformed to innovation.

Open Innovation - Third Wave of Innovation

Lot of companies claim to use Open Innovation but if you have closer look you will see that there are merely running a multitude of open approaches to innovation. But True Open Innovation is embedded into the innovation strategy & organisation and the impact of openess is measured.

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Crowd Sourcing

Used for Innovation Crowdsourcing means that the organisation is outsourcing some work to the crowd or professionals which are not a part of the organisation. If this is done professionally and combined with Social media it can enhance the Brand Image and Customer Relationship. Behind the scenes it can be used perfectly for Innovation by understanding the need of the Crowd and skills.

Crowdsourcing is a strategic tool to enhance your Innovation potential. Thereby the company gets new ideas as well as inspiration in very short time, which normally will not be developed in an organization. Get in Touch!

Social Media to Create Innovation

Social Media & Co. could be used in different ways to create an brand image, new markets and also innovation. How?
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Value Innovation

We try here not to follow the competitors and make them irrelevant through an approach that pursues differentiation and low-cost to open a previously untapped or underserved market.

By the following steps:
- Eliminate factors which the industry take for granted
- Reduce some factors below the industry standard
- Raise some factors above the industry standard
- Create some factors which the industry has never offerd

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Innovation Playbook

We will give you inspiration how to innovate and increase your performance and which direction you should develop yourself to be still on the market in the future and shape the market.

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Start-up Strategies

Here we apply Start-up strategies in big companies to accelerate their innovation speed. Lean, Focused and Strategic.

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Corporate Venture Capital „CVC“ - Innovation-Shopping

A New Way to Innovate and accelerate your speed. Whether you want to expand your portfolio or want to be a part of an new technology or think it could be useful because of the Business model in future. We have a team of Innovation scouts who are searching for the new big thinks worldwide.

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We use also other instruments which are well-known In the Companies. If you want further information, Get in Touch with us!!


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