About us

We at Innovation Race are an Innovation Strategy Venture who focuses on innovation, entrepreneurship and invest in digital media and internet technologies. With this approach we support corporations and start-ups to accelerate their innovation development and create New Ventures.

We provide our clients with our expertise, network and facilitate potential synergies to boost their growth. In this way we combine old and new economy and offer both an unique environment to grow sucessfully.

We are an fast-paced, down-to-earth and trusted partner for start-ups and corporations who want to become more successful. Therefore our team seeks passionate entrepreneurs as well as corporations who want to accelerate their growth with innovation.

We are headquarted in the heart of the business hub of Hamburg, Europe. The digital markets make it necessary  that you are integrated in both spheres global and local.  We therefore set us an aim that our portfolio strategy is international right from the outset. From our office in Hamburg we are searching for corporations and start-ups which are focusing on Europe, Asia , Africa, North- and South-America.

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